Expert Predicts That Jeff Bezos Divorce Could Be Bullish For Amazon’s Shares

Amazon is unarguably one of the biggest companies in the world, and every little news relating to such company can affect its share prices. However, it seems like the biggest shock which Jeff Bezos gave to the world is his decision of getting split up from his wife because on Wednesday Bezos couple officially announced their divorce in front of everyone. After the news of divorce, many investors and business experts thought this is going to be negatively affecting on Amazon’s share prices, but none of such things are happening. Because according to the report the share prices of Amazon hasn’t got any effect because of Bezos’s divorce, and it seems like Amazon’s investors are in the mood of wait and watch. Amazon’s market capitalization is more than 784 billion dollars and since Wednesday Amazon’s share prices have hardly got dropped.

After the news of Bezos’s divorce, many are predicting that this divorce is going to cost Jeff a considerable amount of fortune since the couple has no prenuptial agreement and if the court declares then their equal split of total property between this spouse. However, there’s no clear statement came from both sides regarding the distribution of Jeff’s billion dollars of wealth, on the other hand, Amazon’s investors are not worried about this situation. Because if the couple decides to sell off their shares, then it will not affect that much on the company because Amazon’s shares are considered as one of the most highly liquid stocks traded in the US stock market. It will eventually give the investors more opportunity to buy the socks and gain more power if the Bezos’ couple decides to sell their stock.

Some experts are predicting that investors are ready to sell off something to buy Amazon’s shares and it seems like now is the best situation for such kind of investors.

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