A Study Reveals If You Think You’ve Got A Food Allergy Then You Might Be Wrong

When it comes to food allergy, many young US citizens suffer from this disease, but in reality, they might be fit and don’t have any food allergy. According to a recent report which states more than 19 percent of US adults think they have got some type of food allergy but after examination, it’s been found that only 10.9 percent of these people have an actual allergy. In the US the problem of Food allergy is increasing, and mostly the most number of such patients are youth or adults, but this recent health study done by health experts states that only 1 out of 20 patients have received the diagnosis for allergy. Health expert thinks that many US adults presumed that they are having s particular type of food allergy without getting a proper diagnosis regarding it.

In this health study, more than 40000 US adults were studied, and the experts asked these young people how many of them think they have got food allergy then most of them said yes. However, after examining these adults health condition, only a few of them had the symptoms of actual food allergy. Many US adults think that having throat allergy or related problems is the effect of a particular food and that’s the reason most of them assume they possess a food allergy. Researchers still have got no clue why so many US teens are obsessed with food allergy; however, some experts think that such type of people gets too much obsessed with their lifestyle and to make them feel better they self assume they’ve got allergy.

Many people who don’t have an allergy are cutting important foods from their diet, and this could leave a substantial adverse effect on their health.

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